Next Step to Changing Mobile Financial Services

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“You get to talk to people, to ask lot of opinions and you might get a little bit of information off the record.”

Connecting thought leaders

“Networking and sharing is definitely the best in Mobey Day! Linking with other participants in the market and exchange ideas with very different stakeholders”

Exciting speakers & decision makers

“I would give this event 10/10. I met exactly the right kind of people and made some very valuable contacts.”


brings together top decision makers and influencers from the financial services

Mobey Forum and Carta Worldwide have teamed up to gather some of the brightest global fintech innovators to discuss digital payment innovation. Labeled “the next global fintech hub,” Toronto is the perfect place to explore what is possible when thought leaders collaborate.


Mobey Forum is the global industry association

Empowering banks and other financial institutions to lead the future of digital services. They connect industry thought leaders to identify and understand commercial drivers for a better customer experience.

Carta is a digital transaction platform—the engine behind fintech innovation. We empower new industry disruptors and allow established players to push existing technology into the future. Carta is the backbone of leading digital payment products around the globe. is a licensed moneylenders directory and reviews website. You will be able to find highly rated moneylenders on this site.